Membership Includes:

Please pay your full annual membership fee online in July with Paypal. Our membership year is July 1 to June 30. If you become a new member during the school year, please calculate $4.50 for the remaining months and initiate a payment in PayPal for the appropriate amount, using as the recipient. Alternatively, you can send a check with the appropriate amount for the rest of the year to the address in the application form.

You can complete your membership form here or download a paper copy.  Please print and remit the form to the address on the bottom or attach the membership form in an email to

Family Membership
July 1 to June 30
Pay $54



Member-Get-A-Member Campaign:

Dear CarolinaKinder Logo 10 families,

Please help us spread the word about CarolinaKinder Logo 10 to your friends and family. Tell them about your experiences at our events, story times or movie nights, in our German or music lessons and our playgroups and how it connects you and your children to the German language and culture.

As a “Thank You” for spreading the word, we are offering a 25% discount on membership dues and lesson tuition to you and the new family you are bringing into the organization or the lesson program. The new family’s level of involvement determines your discount. For example, let’s say that your family is a member, but does not participate in our German lesson or music program. If the new family enrolls as a member and in German or music lessons, they will receive a 25% discount on the total membership dues and tuition due at joining. Your existing family will receive the same dollar amount of discount, which you can either request as an immediate PayPal payment or as a discount to your own membership dues when you next renew your membership. If your family already participates in the lesson or music program and you’re bringing a new family (whether or not already a CK member) into the lesson or music program, both parties will also receive the 25% discount for the remainder of the semester.

As the existing member family, please complete the form here or download a paper copy and send it to, so we know how to apply the discounts. For the purpose of this campaign, we are defining a “new family” as a family who has not been part of CarolinaKinder Logo 10 or the lesson program in the last two years.