Music Lessons

Music is the sunshine of our lives and a magical experience – especially for children. Music makes our children move, touches their feelings and helps their imagination.

Our teachers are looking forward to an exciting new semester with your children!

Please review the schedule and locations, Spring 2018 Lesson Plan.

CarolinaKinder Logo 10 currently offers lessons for children aged 1 to 3 years

Music123” is all in German, for ages 1 to 3.  The presence of one adult per child is required to participate in this class. The toddlers will mostly sit in front of their caregivers or on their knees. Everybody will be involved doing finger games, nursery rhymes, little dances, “Kniereiter”-games, rhythm practices and story times.

If you want to reserve a spot for your child, please use PayPal.  Reduced prices are only for members who have paid their membership dues through June 30.

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Music 1-2-3 Spring 2018: 16 lessons