Special Events


In February the last few days before Lent, CarolinaKinder Logo 10 organizes a Karneval Party  with costumes, Narhallamarsch, entertainment, traditional food and music. It’s a lot of fun for everybody.

St. Martins Umzug

To celebrate the life of St. Martin of Tours, we gather for an evening of light and sharing around the date of his burial (November 11th). We begin with a puppet show, followed by a procession with hand crafted Lanterns in the dark and sing our Lantern songs. There’s traditional food like Weckmaenner, hot chocolate and cider.


We also organize a Maifest in May. We decorate a Maifest tree and then dance around it. There will be grilled German sausages, rolls, pretzels, arts and crafts, and lots of kids activities.


The weekend after St. Nikolaus’ birthday (December 6th) , we celebrate the traditional German Nikolausfeier. We will sing traditional Christmas Songs, enjoy some cookies and drinks and celebrate the season . St. Nikolaus comes in person and will talk to each child and give her or him a very special treat


In the Spring, we have a traditional Easter Bonfire and then another one in late summer. We grill brats and s’mores on the fire and the children run around and have a blast.